Bose Quiet comfortable 25 headphones Review

Bose has carved out a niche for itself when it comes to manufacturing headphones. In its every major release, the brand is known to make some tweaks, whether you talk in terms of design or functionality. Well, Bose Quiet Comfy 25 headphoneswere mammoth hit, admired by all the audiophiles around the globe. With its effortless design and functionality, Bose Quiet Comfy ruled the market and is still one of the best headphones, up for grabs. Let’s break out some of the specifications about this headphone that has made it stand out of the crowd.

· Noise Cancellation – Noice Cancellation works pretty well in these headphones. Well, it is not like it completely eradicate the noise but you don’t know what is being talked about when the music is on. We have compared this feature with its predecessor, Quiet 15 and trust me, the experience is much better and surreal in this headphone. Well, if you own a headphone from the same brand, you can always choose to compare their features and see how Quiet 25 headphone outshines its rivals.

· Sound Quality – When you put this headphone with music on, you will feel like powerful sound quality. No matter whether you choose low, meds or high, the sound quality is clear and does not break up. Also, if you activate noise-cancellation, it does not bother the sound quality. Overall, whether you play games or listen to music, the powerful sound quality will leave an indelible impression on your mind.

· Design – When it comes to design, this headphone is going to steal your hearts. You can either choose from Black color or white Color. Well, if that does not go with your style, you can customize your design with vivid and bold colors but that will cost an additional $100. The built quality of this headphone is superb and in terms of “being comfortable”, the padded clothing on earcups will make sure to offer you with all the comforts you might need. Bose has made some tweaks in headphone earcups. The right earcup features noise-cancellation, which means, whenever someone out is disturbing you, you have controls on the right side. Well, the build quality is solid and you can carry with confidence.

· Battery – Quiet Comfortable 25 headphone does not feature rechargeable battery instead they come with AAA Battery to activate the active noise-cancellation. On a single AAA Battery run, Bose claims that this headphone can be used for over 35 hours. Of course, they can run without a battery life but you won’t be able to activate noise-cancellation and the sound quality has the chance to plummet.

What We Liked-

· Active noise cancellation

· Strong built and appealing design

· Powerful sound quality

· Comfortable after putting them on.

What We Did not like

· This headphone is overly-priced.

· Customization feature will cost you an additional $100.

Conclusion – Overall, the product is nice and features everything that a good headphone should. With the price tag of $300 it is definitely absurdly priced but the design, built quality, clear and powerful audio gives justice to this price tag. The device delivers ultimate and powerful performance and its

active noise –cancellation feature works effortlessly and wonderful. In terms of comfort, this headphone is laced with every bit of comfort that you are looking for.

Well, Bose has released many more devices in the same series but if you are still sticking to grab this device only, wait for the Labor Day Sale. Plenty of stores out there will be dropping down deals on headphones and you can save massively on your purchase during the sale. Remember to be quick in your actions and make a plunge as soon as the deals are out.

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