Have a Knowhow About Types of T-shirt Printing in Detail?

Do you remember the last time you gulped an amazing dinner and wondered about the ingredients or its recipe? I bet finding about the entire process and phases helps to enhance taste and its uniqueness, right? It’s the same case with custom T-shirt printing services and how they provide different types of colors and designs. The Australian market has significantly grown in reference to custom T-shirt printing services. This is due to the inception of online business stores providing delivery and online purchases. The E-commerce trend has shifted gradually thus allowing you to capitalize different types of designs. While the companies provide custom t shirt printing, it’s important to learn about different types of methods.

The Silk Printing Method

The Silk Screen printing is known as one of the oldest and orthodox methods used in custom T-shirt printing services. This method is particularly hard to maintain because the entire process needs to be in harmony with the design. If the harmony or consistency is not maintained, the entire design can be ruined. The program uses different types of colors which are presented on a large mesh screen and injected onto the surface of the T-Shirt. These colors are durable until and unless they exist on the T-Shirts. Tshirtplus.com and Garmentprinting.comacquire various designers and machines to provide similar services. The company has improved on the method by following close lines for consistency and durability in customized T-shirt printing.

The Digital Printing Method

The era of custom T-shirt printing has typically advanced towards broader and faster methods to improve on the design and final results. The digital printing method is an innovative technique which is implied by various Australian companies. This type of method requires different types of printers which are used digitally. The printers allow designers to emboss various types of colors in a single T-shirt. The digital method also allows designers and producers to replicate various types of portraits and landmarks as well. Tshirtplus.com and Garmentprinting.comuse highly advanced digital printers. The companies combine their unique designing process, friendly customer services, and out of the edge technology to provide customized digital printing.

Direct ton Garments (DTG) printing method

The custom t shirt printing methods also make use of the DTG method in order to provide different types of designs. This method is highly complex because it needs matching for the fabric and the type of ink being used. If you choose a company which is inexperienced, chances are you might end up with a bad design. Tshirtplus.com and Garmentprinting.commake use of trained professionals and designers to optimize your design. The company uses thin layer of ink which provides a smooth finishing on the surface. The design is also uploaded in order to correct different types of irregularities before the final print. The designers also provide advises in relation to dark fabrics which cannot be printed with DTG methods.


The Dye Sublimation method

The Dye sublimation method is also known as a unique and complex method which is not followed by different Australian companies. This type of process works well with polyester type materials because of the Dye and heat process. The liquid dye is firstly subjected on the T-Shirt surface in order to formulate the design. The next phase involves the process of applying heat and pressure on the shirt. This application allows a quick conversion of the fabric molecules into gas which escapes due to expansion. The expanded molecules then retract back to their original position thus maintaining the overall design. Tshirtplus.com and Garmentprinting.com make use of this method to provide customized polyester T-shirts. The company has documented several customer reviews who have used this type of method. It is safe to say that these companies have professional quality output because they respect your time and money.

The Vinyl Cutting Method

If you’re a sports fan or operate a company which provides sporting gears, you definitely would want to know about this method. The vinyl cutting method is compromised of cutting different types of design through a machine. This design are then placed on the T-shirts where heat and pressure is applied. This custom T-shirt printing method is practically used for printing small amount of orders instead of bulk. Tshirtplus.com and Garmentprinting.com also use this method to reach out to sports fans. Don’t have enough money to order custom T-shirt printing services for the entire family? No worries, Tshirtplus.com and Garmentprinting.com provides single orders as well.

If you’re concerned about your business, its important to know about different custom T-shirt printing in order to avail the best results. Visit the following link and get an early bird discount using the coupon code “HAPPY5” to avail 5% off on your preferred method.

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