Smart Home Devices For Your Home Decor

Smart Home Devices For Your Home Decor

There was a stone age era and now it is the world of machines, or shall we say gadgets?. Every day new machines, products, and electronic gadgets are entering the market. There is a positive message – people have also started using modern and top-notch electrical gadgets. Everyone wants latest & smart home devices as nobody feels to be left behind. The benefit – these smart electronic gadgets have almost reduced the daily manual tasks to nearly fifty percent. In this article, let us focus on smart home devices for your home decor.

There was a time when washing clothes was done by hand. Manual work. Came the washing machine and manual washing of clothes almost disappeared. The recent popular gadget in the market – smart washing machine. You can control this electronic appliance by your mobile. Hope you understood our example.


Why Have Smart Home Devices Become Popular?

Gone were the days, when a washing machine or air conditioner used to be just an electronic appliance for your home. Now, they are getting manufactured in sleek and attractive designs. They add not only to the ambiance of your home but also help to increase the value.

These days, everyone is facing a lack of time to complete their daily duties. And when it comes to commitments in the home, the less said the better. Allow us to explain two situations with an example.

First Situation

You have a senior in the family who suffers from mobility problems. Now, she cannot move to the switch to turn off the fan during summer. The same goes when she has to go to the washroom in the dark. Now, if only you had installed smart electric bulbs and switches in your home. The old day can give a command to the light to switch on. The same goes for the fan. She can schedule the fan switch so that the fins start rolling.

Second Situation

You have come home from a hard day’s work. You are so stressed out, you hardly have the energy to think. You want the air conditioner to switch on at a certain temperature. In a normal model, you will have to do the manual task. But you have implemented a branded smart air conditioner in the home. The sensors in the appliance have detected your arrival, it gets switched on and sets the temperature as per your need.

You can ask the light to go dim while scheduling the device Alexa to sing the song for a good morning.

Do you want to get more examples, on why smart home devices have become popular?

Smart Home Devices & Internet of Things

IoT(Internet of things) has made life easier and healthy. From just tapping a button, you can enjoy the color change of your room to playing music with a voice command. Advancement of electronics into smart devices has laid a large impact on human lifestyle in today’s world.

Talking about the substantial needs, IoT nowadays also work as the home security system,

in case you are out of town.

Recommended Best Smart Home Systems-

A smart home allows you to use your time, money more efficiently and effectively. For eg., your lawn will only be watered when needed, automatically. This prevents wastage of water and also finds a way to save your money.

With the help of a smart home system, you can actually control the smart devices at your home. Now let’s dive into the best smart home systems that are recommended more often –



Amazon Alexa

It is a virtual assistant which is designed by AmazonLAb, one of the most sought after systems. The ALEXA is capable of reacting in voice interactions, playing music or providing weather reports to its users. Also, users can add skills to the ALEXA. Like installing apps for weather programs and audio features.

You can control many devices with the help of the ALEXA. For making a smart home, ALEXA can operate devices like AC, washing machine, etc. And, it has the most third-party integrations of any smart system.


2- Google Assistant-

Google Assistant

Image from

It is one of the best smart systems which is now up to the race with ALEXA. Though the Google Assistant has less third-party integrations, it answers to the command which sometimes ALEXA can’t.

According to a digital agency, this device provides 5 times more accurate answer than ALEXA.


3- Wink Hub 2-

Wink Hub 2

Image from

Wink allows your different smart home devices to assemble in a single wireless radar. This allows you to control all the devices with the Wink app. It is one of the simplest ways to connect you to your home device. You can just manage hundreds of smart devices by just controlling it through the Wink app.

It doesn’t have any brand loyalty and allows you to connect it with any smart devices easily.


4- Samsung Smart Things Hub –

Smart Things Hub

Image from

This is a similar system which allows users to get access to electrical devices of different brands.

Samsung recently upgraded its product line by including the SmartThings Wi-Fi plug, SmartThings Light Bulb and SmartThings Cam. Also, you can integrate Amazon ALEXA and the Google Assistant into this hub for making things work.


Recommended Smart Home Devices-


1- Philips Hue-

Philips Hue

Image from

The Philips hue bulbs allow you to control the dimming & lightening of the light as per your command. According to your mood, you can adjust the lightning. Color-coordinated moods,  you can adjust according to the music you are listening to.

These bulbs go with the best smart home systems and are used to make the lighting more flexible.


2- TP-LINK HS 200


Image from

This is a smart home switch with which you can switch on or off a certain device just by clicking at your phone. For example, if you are outside and you forgot to switch off your room lights. Just command the app to do it. And the

lights will be switched off immediately. Or else you can just inform that you have come downstairs to watch a movie and all the lights upstairs will be off automatically.

3-NetGear Arlo Q-


Image from

This device is a tool used for home security. This device captures photos and videos of high quality even if the object is in a pitch-black background. You can customize the timing of its recordings according to your needs. And also, you can control the device from your mobile phone.

4- Ecovacs Deebot N79S-

Ecovacs Deebot N79S

Image from

It is the best smart home device for vacuum cleaning at an impressive price. It can be integrated with smart home systems and also can be manually used. This device has a long battery life and cleans the floor surprisingly well.



Image from

It was the first company to offer ALEXA & Google Assistant connectivity in its smart TV’s.

Having the best smart TV in the house allows you to control the device with your voice. You can watch Netflix & Amazon Prime or any other movies just by sending a voice command through ALEXA or assistant.

Unlike these above 4 smart home devices, we have two more appliances which are an integral part of your daily life. They are Smart Refrigerator and Smart Washing Machine.

Smart Washing Machines

The Wi-fi integrates the machine with your smartphone. This allows you to remotely control the washing cycle of your clothes, anytime from anywhere just by clicking at your phone. These are compatible with Amazon ALEXA and Google Assistant which allow you to control it with voice commands. You can monitor the wash cycle at your phone and it will automatically stop according to your set time.

You can try-

Bosch fully automatic washing machine

LG Inverter Wi-Fi fully automatic washing machine

Smart Refrigerator

It has Wi-Fi connectivity to interact & integrate well with your smartphone. Also, this device keeps track of expiry dates which helps you to stay updated. You can see what’s available inside the fridge by enabling the video feature. You can also set the fridge into the climate of your own temperature. The smart refrigerator informs you about the time when the fridge is to be cleaned. This allows you to eat clean food and in a hygienic manner.

You can try-

Bosch 661 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator



So, these are the smart home devices which can add to your home decor. Now let us take another example of how a smart appliance is different from the normal models? Shall we take the example of an air conditioner and a place? Thanks for granting the request. Let us imagine, you are in Hyderabad and the normal air conditioner in your home is due for service. How will you get to know the dates for service? When the air conditioner gives less cool air or you hear sounds in the appliance.


In a normal situation, if the appliance is without the warranty period, you end up hiring a technician who is proficient in AC installation in Hyderabad (and even repair). You can easily get the information via the app of home appliance service companies in Hyderabad. You can schedule the time for the repair, and the problem gets fixed.


Now, let us go to the smart air conditioner model. In some smart appliances, you have a feature called predictive maintenance. This feature will send an alarm to your mobile if the appliance or air conditioner is in need of service. Nice, isn’t it? Now, this is the difference between smart home appliances and  normal models.

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